A remedy for fake news

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A remedy for fake news

Postby Michaels153 » November 29th, 2019, 9:30 am

Media Claims Trump ‘Tweeting and Golfing’ on Thanksgiving While He’s Actually Visiting Troops in Afghanistan
by Nick Arama

It used to be that people who wanted in treat their imagination or escape the seriousness of the day could go to the cartoon section of your local newspaper. You could read comic books where the focus was on comedy. There were Archie, and on television Scooby do. You had Mad magazine and The Onion, and in recent times you had the supermarket tabloids that told you who were aliens from another galaxy. All of these fun and funny, they were decent, and they were harmless publications that were enjoyed without slander or libel, and in fact they never even tried to harm anyone.
We still have comics, and cartoons, but unfortunately we have another growing genre that is best characterized as "Fake News".

President Donald Trump paid a surprise visit to the troops in Afghanistan today, served them a Thanksgiving meal and visited with them.

But if you were only relying upon Newsweek you might not have known it.

[size=200]Newsweek ran a completely speculative report about midday which basically was a thinly-veiled hit piece,
saying that Trump would be “tweeting and golfing” at Mar-a-Lago. But in fact, he had already landed in Afghanistan.

[size=200]The report by Jessica Kwong, the “political reporter covering the Trump administration and family,” also claimed he would be be having a 24 course meal like prior Thanksgivings
[/size](no, he and his family in prior years ate from what appears to be the Mar-a-Lago club selection with a choice of different entrees and desserts, obviously not eating a “24 course” meal).

But phrasing it that way was meant to paint a view of excess and overindulgence.

While noting what Trump had done on the past two Thanksgivings as president, Kwong managed to leave out the critical detail that he also visited troops at a Coast Guard station both years and delivered a meal.

The news about Trump’s visit to Afghanistan broke just after 2:00 p.m. ET. But Newsweek didn’t correct the story until 6:17 p.m. Kwong called publishing the completely speculative report an “honest mistake.” No, it’s not an “honest mistake” to run a story that’s not based on any facts.

The same thing happened last year, except with NBC instead.

Last year, NBC reported that Trump was the first President since 2002 not to visit the troops at Christmastime.

They did that, even as he was in fact, en route into Iraq to visit the troops. But they couldn’t even wait to see what he was doing before attacking.

And although they later updated the story, they left the fake headline in place, journalist Sharyl Attkisson notes. [/size]

There still are some people who are genuinely interested in hearing the truth about this world, and the things that surround them. It is not enough for another source to point out and correct examples of Fake News that are found. I said this before in Real Science Advances, but the seriousness of the damage done by Fake News warrants serious repercussions to those that practice it.
It is not enough to apologize when a writer or a broadcaster is exposed as to have presented Fake News. It has now become routine that for some of the worst mills of fake news, the response after the fact is to apologize and then continue the practice. It we were to compare how infractions are dealt with in other fields, we may find a suitable solution that would result in a considerable decline if not eliminate entirely,
the practice of presenting fake news.
In acadamia, Students and faculty who present false papers are penalized by prosecution (if the papers have content that is plagarized, loss of grants, loss of department funding, expulsion, and some have received a combination of some of these penalties, and still others have received all of them.
In life, people who falsify their qualifications, or their resume have lost their jobs.
In sports, the penalty for lying to investigators often matches the penalty for the person or team being investigated. Championships have been removed for violations of policy. Players have been fined and/or suspended for periods of time from playing. Players have been fined by the league they are in and by their own teams. Some players have been kicked out their league. Some players have received lifetime bans from playing. Some players have been banned from consideration of placement into that sport's Hall of Fame.
I have been in favor of similar penalties for fraud in scientific research. I believe that those who present phony research papers should receive lifetime bans from publication of anything, they should be dismissed from the University where the research was conducted, all financial payments received as a result of the research should be returned, and the violator should be fined equal to the amount of the amount that he, she, or they received for the fraudulent research.
I believe that it is time for similar penalties when it comes to those who engage in Fake News. No more apologies, no more lame explanations as to what they thought (or imagined) at the time. No secondary excuses based on stress factors. No mitigating leniency based upon real or "possible" mental illness. First time offenses should begin with a public retraction and explanation of the truth of the matter, the loss of pay and a 30-day ban from work at the site along with a public posting that would disallow that person from performing that type of work anywhere else for the period of the ban. Second offenses should result in lifetime bans for those that were involved, plus a pubic retraction of the fake news, an explanation of truth of the matter, the loss of all financial compensations that were received from the presentation of the fake news, and a fine equal to the amount of the financial amount originally received from the fake news. In addition, the publisher or broadcasting station should lose a publication or a period of broadcast time that would escalate for each occurrence with the possibility that either could lose their license and even shut down for repeated violations For example, a publication such as the one presented in this article could lose their next publication. If they published a weekly publication, they would forfeit their next week's publication. If a broadcasting station were involved, it would go off the air for one day.
The damage inflicted by Fake News is hard to quantify. It is a bastardization of the Freedom of the Press, that strips away the morals, the values, and the public trust of a society.
People shunned the cigarette companies for their fake presentation of their products, and demanded changes from those companies in the distribution, the presentation, and in the compensation to those grievously affected by their products.
Our country is going through a consortium deluge of fake news perpetuated in various degrees and sources to the extent of even weaponizing governmental agencies. There is bipartisan anger brought about by the realization that each side could fall victim to the consequences of Fake News, and the public is left with sincere questions of trust in these agencies. The government is left with the daunting task of how to repair these systemic violations and how to repair the public trust so as to effectively continue operations.
Considering the degree on negative impact that Fake News has on society, the recommendations offered are not extreme nor draconian in the least.
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Re: A remedy for fake news

Postby Michaels153 » December 2nd, 2019, 10:25 am

Newsweek Reporter Fired Over Story About Trump's Thanksgiving Plans
By Leah Barkoukis

Newsweek fired its reporter who wrote a story about President Trump’s Thanksgiving Day schedule that turned out to be completely false.

The original article titled “How Is Trump Spending Thanksgiving? Tweeting, Golfing and More,” was written prior to Trump’s surprise visit to meet U.S. military members in Afghanistan. The story even got President Trump’s attention.

Donald J. Trump

I thought Newsweek was out of business? https://twitter.com/donaldjtrumpjr/stat ... 2952795139

Donald Trump Jr.

Fake news gonna fake!

View image on Twitter
8:25 PM - Nov 28, 2019

Newsweek told the Washington Examiner that the decision to let her go was made after an investigation into "the failures that led to the publication of the inaccurate report that President Trump spent Thanksgiving tweeting and golfing rather than visiting troops in Afghanistan."

"The story has been corrected, and the journalist responsible has been terminated. We will continue to review our processes and, if required, take further action," said Newsweek's spokesperson.

The author, Jessica Kwong, told the Examiner the on-duty editor did not issue an update to her story after the president’s trip was announced.

She tweeted that a correction on the article had been issued and called her original take “an honest mistake.”

Donald Trump Jr. wasn’t buying that excuse.

Donald Trump Jr.

It wasn’t an “honest mistake” you tried to dunk on Trump and ended up dunking on yourself because you couldn’t resist. Notice how there’s never been a story that broke in Trump’s favor & had to be corrected the other way? These aren’t mistakes, they are a very consistent pattern. https://twitter.com/JessicaGKwong/statu ... 1599321089

Jessica Kwong

Trump headed to Afghanistan to surprise U.S. troops on Thanksgiving https://www.newsweek.com/trump-thanksgi ... go-1474518 … Deleting this tweet because it was written before knowing about the president’s surprise visit to Afghanistan-an honest mistake. Story has already been updated, as shown in the screenshot.

View image on Twitter
11:08 PM - Nov 29, 2019

Donald Trump Jr.

Now others should follow and fire all the people that peddled the Russia hoax as though it was gospel for three years. https://twitter.com/mattwolking/status/ ... 9689246721

Matt Wolking (Text TRUMP to 88022)

Newsweek has fired this reporter, an extremely rare measure of accountability in journalism these days.

Frankly it seems unfair though. Far, far worse is standard operating procedure at far, far bigger outlets every day.(?!) https://twitter.com/JessicaGKwong/statu ... 1599321089

These are not "honest mistakes". They are part of a very consistent pattern, and even the ex reporter who was fired alludes to the "far worse standard operaing procedure at far, far bigger outlets every day." -> Without stating who, could she be referring to Bloomberg News, CNN, and the New York Times? All three of these outlets are bigger than Newsweek, and all of them have contributed to the stack of Fake News that the public has either seen or heard about.

Michael Goodwin: The New York Times' long descent from credibility (part 2)
The Liberal Creed: Take all the money you can, from all the people you can, in all the ways that you can, for as long as you can.
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