The Repubs lied about the tax cuts

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The Repubs lied about the tax cuts

Postby Mrtazeman » October 28th, 2018, 9:35 pm

the republicans said that Theses tax cuts were suppose to be deficit natural. They were lying:

On The Deficit, GOP Has Been Playing Us All For Suckers ... cc71204694

And in order to pay for tax cuts that benefits mostly the wealthy, the republicans are talking about cutting Social Security and Medicare ... story.html

As a Christian, I find this pretty appalling..
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Re: The Repubs lied about the tax cuts

Postby leftyg » October 28th, 2018, 10:55 pm

IT should bother you as a Christian, but it won't bother Republicans because they only use Christianity as a cover. There whole goal of governing seems to be one thing: tax cuts.

The Balance says this about tax cuts:
A lot depends on which segment of society gets the tax cuts. Studies show that tax cuts aren't equally effective in creating jobs. Cuts to lower income families directly translate into increased spending. That boosts demand and economic growth. Tax cuts to higher income families are often invested, saved or used to pay off debt. That boosts the stock market and banks, but not retail. ... rk-3305786

And Moody Analytics economist Mark Zandi found that to be true. Reinvestment in the economy was highest for low income recipients
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A solid lower income tax cut would increase demand, the Keynesian, but tax cuts to the wealthy just increase the debt. And the Republicans are more than willing to take away our Social Security and Medicare so the rich can have a bigger yacht. But tax cuts targeted to the poor raise their disposable income and their ability to pay taxes.
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