I think it is the Russians

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I think it is the Russians

Postby leftyg » October 25th, 2018, 9:13 pm

This thread is not going to source a bunch of material. It is simply an attempt to make sense of what has been happening about the bombs sent to prominent Democrats in the last few days. Naturally, the right wing nut bags are attacking Dems making a claim of a false flag event with their usual evidence: nothing.

And the left is in wonder at the right wing focus, not on safety but on the right's attempt to politicize this issue. And to the lefts credit when Steve Scalise was shot all of us prayed and hoped for a speedy recovery where he got back to playing second base on the GOP baseball team. Meanwhile, Republicans were obsessing over the deranged and dead shooter who had a hit list of Republicans. You see I remember because like most of you, I was there.

Now with everybody going crazy about this I have an obvious culprit and that is Russia. It fits the 2016 MO. Being right before the election they can play the Americans like a fiddle. All they do is do something like this that makes it look like some right wing nut has become fully unhinged and tried to kill some Democratic Party icons and George Soros, the hated financier of the left. These bombs are getting through the mail largely and to these peoples addresses before they have been confiscated by security, and there have been a lot of them all over in just two days; that is a lot of work.

My thought is that a state actor would be far better equipped to do this than an individual. They would have better intelligence, deeper pockets and more man power. And they know how crazy our politics are. They can envision crazed partisans going at each others throats. It makes perfect sense because neither party wants to do something this stupid that might alter the outcome of the elections. The Russians would benefit from this and maybe keep their personal dolt, Donald Trump, in power and ready to lay down the gauntlet and to hell with freedom.
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