Triv and Simone can't enough of each other

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Triv and Simone can't enough of each other

Postby robespierre4 » February 16th, 2011, 11:44 am

Triv had officer Jim Simone on his show yesterday in what can only be described as a love fest. I have never had the privilege of listening to anyone who has had a higher opinion of himself than does Mr. Simone. And I have never witnessed anyone pander to the extent Triv toward Simone.

Apparently Mr. Simone believes he is the only cop (or person, for that matter) who has ever been shot or has saved anyone. In fact, few cops are shot on the job, and it’s not something to boast about. The fatality rate of police is about the same as that of your ordinary truck driver if you believe the Dept. of Labor. About 4 in 10 cops die in traffic related accidents.

Back to Mr. Simone…

Mr. Simone admitted to Triv that after his retirement he plans to get hired by another police department and “double dip.” Isn’t this the sort of thing we are trying to eliminate from our budget? Does Mr. Simone believe he is God’s gift to humanity and therefore no one else is qualified to perform whatever retirement tasks will be assigned him in his new job? Does Mr. Simone even realize we are in a severe economic recession (at least the private sector is) and that others could step up and fill whatever job needs to be done? It’s not like we have a shortage of qualified applicants. Every time a police or fire opening is available you can expect 4000 people to show up for the job.

Mr. Simone should take his money and leave the tax payers of Ohio alone already. Go save kids from alligators in Florida or something.
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