What is really new about the Cavs direction?

What is really new about the Cavs direction?

Postby Michaels153 » April 13th, 2013, 5:00 pm

You had signs of life early on followed by injuries and inconsistent play (slow starts and lack of four quarters of defense). Then you had people stepping up and what could not be debated as being very competitive play. And then you had a pretty consistent decline at the end of this season.
Overall, its hard to fairly evaluate any team when injuries start stacking up. But that has been the most consistent feature of the Cavs, who have become once again the veritable underdogs of the league.
Are there players who play for themself, their contracts, their bonuses, their spot in the news highlights. Of course. Are we as a team cultivating a sense of: "Well, were not really going anywhere, so lets see what I can do for myself?" Do we seem to be attracting players or allowing them to play a little too reckless because it takes more than they really have to win in this league?
I keep asking these questions of our players, because we have what almost has become a tradition of early exits, of groans over what might have been, and the never ending prattle of being cursed to never getting a championshipI question other players on other teams in this league and in other sports.
There are some exceptions to this with people like Kobe and LeBron, who seldom get or stay injured. What do they do that our players dont do?
I have questioned strength coaches and practice styles that I am sure are part of our problem.
But what is the solution? Are the Cavs really going in a new (and I mean- positive) direction?
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Re: What is really new about the Cavs direction?

Postby robespierre4 » April 17th, 2013, 7:30 pm

Waiting for Labron in 2015. Nothing happens till then. Chill.
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