Cavs will win the championship again

Cavs will win the championship again

Postby leftyg » June 1st, 2017, 8:52 pm

I have been listening to the national media coronate the Warriors so much that I am sick of it. ESPN is supposed to be neutral and objective, but I just do not see it. The basketball power index has installed the (BPI) the Warriors has having a 90% chance of winning.

Here is the mistake I think they are making: they are placing too much weight on the regular season. Yes the Warriors had a much better record, but what does that mean? You have to remember that the Warriors won a meaningless preseason game against the LA Clippers by a score of 115-75. Why did they waste that energy? The Warors have accumulated a gaudy 207 win 39 loss record (207-39) while the Cavs have a 161-85 record.

Impressive, but here is the real deal: the Cavs are 42-12 in the post season compared to the Warriors 43-14 record over the last three years. That seems to get ignored. And what else gets ignored is that LeBron does not care about the regular season. It is there for him and his teammates to get in shape, get home court in the early rounds and to practice; with the Warriors the regular season is life or death.

Both these teams are headed on a collision course, and I would be foolish to say that the Cavs will gut the Warriors, that would be silly. But there seem to be sane heads out there saying the Cavs will go down in four or five games. And frankly there is not evidence for it.

It is like the politics I so like to talk about. You can argue a thesis real well if you are looking at the wrong things, and I think the national media is not and even some in the local media opt for a rational approach, but garbage in garbage out (GIGO). If you focus on the wrong stuff all your reason is for not.
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Re: Cavs will win the championship again

Postby Butters » June 2nd, 2017, 11:37 am

I pretty much agree with you, despite how game one went. I always thought that the first game would be the most difficult. The Warriors aren't just good, they play a unique style, and it is very difficult to get your footing for that first game.

Also, LeBron's teams usually stink in game one of the Finals for some reason. This is his eighth trip to Finals, and he's only won game one once (I remember it well, it was 2011 against my beloved Mavericks).

The Cavs saw the Warriors now, they'll be able to shift gears. What happened last night was all about not having their footing; turning the ball over a lot, confusion on defensive assignments, the offense not executing after the first quarter and just defaulting into everybody trying to make hero shots. Those things are all about the Cavs not playing well, and they're all out of character for this team and very correctable.

I'm looking forward to what happens when the Cavs play like themselves, play solid defense and execute on offense. The game will then be close, and the Warriors hate that. It's what I think their biggest weakness is; they like coast and have fun and play loose and run up the score on teams who are in awe of them. They don't like to fight, they hate it when teams really challenge them and they don't handle it well; they react by doing things like crotch kicks and taking out the ankle of the other team's best player. Real champions relish a good fight, but the Warriors get rattled by it. That happened last year, and would have happened the year before if not for injuries.

I still believe in the Cavs, and I think they'll rebound and win.
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Re: Cavs will win the championship again

Postby leftyg » June 5th, 2017, 3:26 am

The Cavs did the same thing last year: lost the first two games and looked pretty bad doing it

I am disheartened, but I have the greatest force of nature in all sports on my side. Now if he could just shoot foul shots.

Kevin Durant is the second greatest force of nature in the sport and quite frankly he scares the shit out of me. He is seven feet tall but can stay on the court when both teams go small and he can just shoot over everybody.

Looking forward to Wednesday night when I hope things turn around.
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Re: Cavs will win the championship again

Postby JuicedTruth » June 8th, 2017, 8:27 am

Really tough loss last night. They played so hard, only to blow it at the end. I was hoping that the Cavs could keep the game close and put the Warriors in a position where they had to grind out possessions and make decisions about who would be their closer -- something they didn't have to really do all year. Well the Cavs did that but Durant answered the call and had an incredible few final possessions.

Hopefully the Cavs can at least keep Game 4 close. I don't think the talent gap is as large as a sweep by the Warriors would suggest but that team is pretty damn incredible with Durant. He's clearly the second best player in the league behind Lebron and showed it last night.
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